Barbara S. Gildin


Barbara (Baron) Gildin is a former native of Fairfield, Connecticut, where she grew up. She was always a creative individual who enjoyed putting together theme parties that explicitly displayed her innate talents. 

A former party planner who founded the company Simchaplanners, she often handled the actual organization and coordination of different components of a party. She continued in this realm for over two decades. These included weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and even organizational dedications and inaugurations. She also designed the most artistic and inspired decorations for her clients. 

Once she moved to Florida full-time, she discovered a latent talent for abstract artwork and exclusive craft pieces. The media she uses ranges from acrylic art to the application of special paints in all colors, glitter, and resin. Her one-of-a-kind artwork includes beautiful paintings with distinctive textures and consistencies, as well as the presentation of diverse multi-media such as wood, crushed glass, seashells, crushed stone, mirrors, renderings, and much more. Viewing and even touching her work is a very pleasurable experience.

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